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How Do I Start Third Party Manufacturer Companies In India

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Starting a Third-Party Manufacturing PCD Pharma Company in India is a step-by-step process. You have to understand it before you begin the process. Finalizing order quantity and composition of the product is the first step. You need to keep in mind the minimum quantity for the composition. Make sure the manufacturer has the necessary approval for the composition.

Raise quotation

Once you finalize order quantity and composition for contract manufacturing, you need to raise the quotation for the same. It should include all the costs involved in it, such as the cost of the product, packaging material, and securities if it is in small batches. The quotation includes other charges that you need to pay for the third-party contract manufacturing process.

Arrange the necessary documents

You need several documents to start a third-party manufacturing unit. Some of them are:

  • Drug license: It is issued by the local food and drug authorities. It is different for retail and wholesale.
  • GST number: It is issued by the Government of India. It is mandatory to obtain the GST
  • Registration document of the company: You need to submit the company registration document in some cases. However, it is not a mandatory requirement.
  • Non-Resemblance Certificate: It is required in some cases.

Promotional material

You need to market the products through a team of medical representatives. They need promotional material to carry out it effectively. Experts suggest that one has to put effort into designing the best promotional material as it plays a crucial role in taking the sales figures higher. If you want to get the full benefit of promotional stuff, then you should give it free of cost.


The Goods Manufacturing Practice or GMP has some quality standards that need to be followed while manufacturing the product. GMP ensures that the product is produced and controlled as per quality standards. It covers all aspects of the production process. At each step, correct procedures should be followed whenever production happens.

WHO Standards

World Health Organization or WHO is the UN agency that is concerned with international public health. There is a separate set of standards laid down by the WHO like GMP. The quality standards laid down by WHO are very strict as compared to GMP. What is the purpose of the WHO standard? It is to ensure that the products are produced and controlled as per the set guidelines. These simple steps should be followed when you want to start a third-party manufacturing company.

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